Filtration | Liquid ProcessCentrifugal Sifter

There are many designs of centrifuge filter in use today mainly in the pharmaceutical, fine & specialty chemicals industries.

  • The inverting filter centrifuge operates semicontinuously and are automatically controlled
  • A rigid filling pipe projects through the solids housing where slurry is discharged into the rotating drum
  • There are distribution bars within the drum which ensure an even 360º spread over the whole surface so that the filter is properly balanced
  • A filter cake of solid material forms at the same time as the filtrate is efficiently discharged – seen in the top diagram
  • When maximum weight within the filter is reached the filling valve closes and filtration continues to the washing stage
  • After the washing stage has finished the filter is run at a speed appropriate to the product for the final dewatering
  • At the conclusion of dewatering the machine decelerates automatically to discharge speed and the drum insert opens in a translatory action and the solid cake is discharged under rotation – seen in the bottom diagram

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